Community Partnership

Whenever I have been asked how I can be so optimistic about Richmond, all I have to do is describe the actions of one of the most important groups in town: Countywide Partnership for Youth.

From their website:
CPY supports the work of Wayne County partners who bolster positive youth development. By working collectively we will have better outcomes for our youth and more effective use our resources. Come, connect, share and empower – for the sole purpose of making the youth in our community excel.

Formed in 2004, the Partnership’s Youth Development Plan provided a vision for enhancing positive factors in a child’s life. CPY consists of volunteers from all areas of the county. Business, Non-Profits and Individuals alike are stepping up to make a stand for the youth of Wayne County.

For more information or to share your skills, please click on the logo below and take a look at the website.


2 Responses to “Community Partnership”

  1. Awesome post Jim. This group is great. With over 400 nonprofits in Wayne County – they do a great job of bringing groups together to share resources.

  2. Misty Hollis Says:

    Thanks Jim for seeing how and what we are trying to accomplish. It was great having you there.


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