April & May, 2012

I left Indiana, drove across the country stopping to see beloved friends Chen Yi and Zhou Long in Kansas City, and Jill Bell, and then Hong Wang and his beautiful wife Xiao Yen in Las Vegas, Gary Holt and Yon Soon in Berkeley, and arrived in San Francisco on April 1 for Bishop Joey, St. Stupid’s and Gail Harper. Drove to San Diego to visit my mom and meet my brother Art and his amazing family, then back to Berkeley to re-connect with friends and say farewell to Nina W. Deckert on April 14th. Vicki flew out and we enjoyed seeing her son Bill marry Ashley Ferreira on the 21st and also spend time with daughter Kate and her husbandJohn DoughertyVicki Hair flew home on May 2 and I started work full-time at Lenz Arts in Santa Cruz. My beautiful daughter Oriana Gliessman gave birth to Mateo Martin Gliessman on Saturday, May 12th, and then it got busy… I have found a small place in the redwoods above Santa Cruz, am working in the Art Materials industry again, and today re-connected to the internet with my PC (I’m not as iPhone facile as I’d hoped) and we took 3-week old Mateo to the beach. This is why I haven’t been able to reply to a number of friends who have sent me notes, but I am almost organized, and will try and be a better correspondent. At least for a month. In July I am hoping for another visit from the woman I adore, and then all bets are off.


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