About Jim

Jim Hair lived quite happily in California (mostly) his entire life, and being OLD it has been a very long time.  He and his amazingly patient wife may be found in Portland, Oregon these days. Occasionally, evidence of what he is up to is posted frequently to Instagram @jimhair ( https://instagram.com/p/Bkscn3dFv-P/ ) or through links on http://www.jimhair.com


5 Responses to “About Jim”

  1. Jim, What a pleasant surprise to rediscover your work in Star82 Review. Beautiful photo. I was sent to the magazine by a good friend and writer, Jerry Dennis, who I collaborate with a lot here in Michigan. My one beef with the magazine is that their hyperlinks to contributor websites are all bad! But since your name rang a bell I typed inyour correct url, got to your site and from there went to your flicker photostream. I really enjoyed seeing your work and just about fell off my chair when I came upon the photo of Linda Davis from 1973, and the 1972 train tracks photo that you gave me, which I still have. best, Glenn

  2. Hey Jim, I got an extra notepad if you need it. How are you, buddy?

    • Hey TheArthur,
      Hope you are well.
      Vicki and I moved to Portland and I am working in a camera store. I am off Sunday and Monday. I will send you a note with my phone number.
      Best Wishes,

  3. Do you know Tom Stoup from San Diego? He is a friend. He told me about a photographer named Jim Hair who was a student of his in 1971. I am also an amateur photographer, dogs and underwater.

    • Yes, I am that guy. I post most of my photographs to Flickr and Instagram as Jim Hair, or Jim Hair Photos. I just sent Tom an early draft of a zine/book I am making of photographs from a trip to Mexico in 1976.

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